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To create an account there are two fees that are available:

  1. unlimited annual subscription fee of $165.00 or
  2. one-time fee per tender/quote/RFP of $45.00.

The unlimited annual subscription account will provide you with the following benefits and services:

  • Unlimited access to register for all bid opportunities for all registered municipalities [view list]
  • Unlimited subscription services
  • Unlimited use of online submissions, document downloads and addenda
  • Ability to add up to 10 contacts to your account
  • Instant email notification for new bid opportunities
  • Instant access to bid results
  • Self serve profile management

To create an account, please enter the required information below and proceed to the payment page. The subscription fee of $165.00 is the only option presented at the time of creating an account. If a bidders wishes to subscribe to a specific bid opportunity only, then they must create an account and then click on the bid they wish to register for as a bidder. They will then be presented with the $45.00 one-time fee requirement.

It is the vendor's responsibility to keep his or her profile information current and correct.

Organization Details

Would you like to be an Emergency Vendor?

In the event of a municipal emergency, for example, power outages, extreme weather situation, fires, floods, hazardous spills and health emergencies, the County of Essex Procurement Department is developing a Vendor Emergency List. The County is interested in receiving emergency contact information that would be useful during an emergency. This is not a commitment to purchase.

Please provide specific emergency contact information in the contacts section below.



Choose the category(s) from the list below that your company would like to be informed of. We suggest that you utilize the search feature below. For example, if your business is  "Janitorial”, type “janitorial” in the keyword field and your results will be displayed. If you cannot find a specific sub-category, click the main category to ensure you receive all notifications in that category.



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Agency Notifications

Please specify which agencies you would like to receive new bid notifications from.

Agency Notifications


Adding a Contact

In order to add a contact to the company profile, click on the “add another contact” button and type the contact name and email address of the person you wish to add. Your invited contacts will receive an email invitation from the Bidding System to create their own login to the Bidding System  If you are an invited company contact, it is imperative that you create your login from the link contained in the email invitation. DO NOT go directly to the Bid Opportunity website and create a separate vendor account. It is your sole responsibility to keep your additional invited contact(s) current and delete any contacts that you DO NOT want to have access to your profile



Check the box below under the "Contact" section that confirms your consent to receiving New Bid Opportunity emails. If you do not check this box you will NOT receive New Bid Opportunity emails, even if you have categories selected.

Password Hint
Your password must be at least 6 characters in length, have 2 upper case characters and at least 1 special character (!@#$&*)